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[Side Quest] Lady Lena Tells a Story

Lady Lena Tells a Story is a Side Quest, obtained at Royal Castle.

P.S. After completing this quest, your friendship with Lena will increase.

This quest is one of the unlocked quests after completing [Friendship Quest] You Know Me.

Quest from:
Lena (Royal Castle in Saint's Haven)

Graves of Unrest (Port Hermalte)

1. Destroy 5 wooden barrels to find 5 Bundles of Spices. Noted that not all wooden barrels carry Bundles of Spices. Here are the first 5 barrels with Bundles of Spices:

 1st and 2nd Bundles of Spices.

3rd Bundles of Spices.

4th Bundles of Spices.

5th Bundles of Spices.

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