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[Build] Inquisitor Priest

Inquisitor Priest - PVP/PVE
In PVE, Inquisitor Priest is a less popular option compared to Full Supportive Priest. It is simply because it does not assist the team as good as Full Supportive Priest does. Yet, its electrocute effect and high damage output have made him fairly welcome in PVP.

Its primary damage output:

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Chain Lightning
  • Righteous Bolt
  • Detonate
  • Heavenly Judgement

Traditionally, most Inquisitor Priests would invest in Detonate rather than Chain Lightning because Detonate can inflict a much higher damage. However, it is only true when your target is electrocuted. As we know, Bosses are seldom electrocuted. Therefore, those SP invested in Detonate would be a waste when dealing with a Boss. Also, I would not suggest invest in Holy Burst if the damage output is going to be unsatisfying.

Here are some of the general features of Inquisitor Priest:

  • Instant interruption of monsters' action after Detonate;
  • Very high single damage of Chain Lightning;
  • Mana usage can be very fast due to short cooldown and plenty of skills available.

Future Prospect:
Lightning Bolt EX has increased the range, damage and possibility to electrocute of Lightning Bolt: The angle is greatly increased to 60°; Electrocute possibility increases up to 90%. It will definitely change the importance of Lightning Bolt. With the increase SP in Lightning Bolt, the power of Holy Burst would be diminished.

Secondly, the Shock Transition has supplemented Inquisitor Priest's damage on the crowd. It acts as an additional form of Detonate, which is cooldown free. There is a 30% chance for it to trigger after a monster is electrocuted. Once it is triggered, your damage will be added up.
E.g. if I inflict a 1000 damage and Shock Transition is triggered, my damage inflicted would be 1000 + 80% of my magic damage. Noted that these two numbers are counted separately.

Consecration is a very powerful skill because it can reduce the Light Resistance of the monster. After you cast Consecration, you should immediately cast all your Light Skills within the period. One point to be careful is that Consecration needs to be cast on the same level with the monster. Otherwise, it won't appear on the screen.

Inquisitor Priest is definitely suitable for both PVP and PVE. If you wish to support your team members as well, you should save some SP on buff and Healing Relic. As a trade-off, you might probably need to withdraw Holy Burst Mastery.

Here is the build.

Skill Tree for 24 Level cap:


Skill Tree for 32 Level cap:


Skill Tree for 40 Level


Skill Tree for 50 Level



Suggested Crest

Health (+ Vitality);
Life-giving (+ Max HP);
Wise (+ Intellect);
Mystical (+ Magic Damage);
Sturdy (+ Defence);
Adorned (+ Magic Defence);
Magical (+ Max MP);
Spirited (+ MP Recovery)

Righteous Bolt (+ Damage);
Lightning Bolt (+ Damage);
Chain Lightning (+ Damage);
Aura of Healing (- Cooldown) / Optional

Suggested Equipment

Headgear: Intellect
Body Armor: Intellect
Gloves: Sturdy/Adorned
Leg Armor: Intellect
Shoes: Intellect

Weapon: Intellect
Off-Hand Weapon: Intellect

Necklace: Wise/Adorned
Earrings: Wise/Vital
Rings: Mystical/Balanced

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Anonymous said...

your build is quite nice but im goint go stick with my "All Around" Build just can't see myself playing without holy burst... i mean it hits everything around you!

vrianne gidor said...

i certainly agree with retaining holy burst. i mean, the skill is one the priest's best nukes beside heaven's judgment. and i'd stick to having bind relic for guild wars. :)

Sharppolo said...

Sure guys, you can certainly do that. There is no fixed skill tree to follow, it really depends on your game play.

I like Holy Burst and as you said, it hits everything around you. However, its cooldown is 40 seconds, it's double the cooldown for Chain Lightning or Lightning Bolt. Also, for my build, I might have to compromise it because of its 56 skill points spent if I want to maximize its output. If you simply invest to Lv. 1 Holy Burst, it would not inflict a decent damage.

If you choose to maximize Holy Burst for Inquisitor, you might choose to reduce sp on Healing Relic. Yet, you might risk to face difficulty in teaming up.

That's why I think Holy Burst is not very ideal for Inquisitor. But I believe you can come up with a better solution. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

So i tell me if im right , this build also allows for solo play right ? as in i dont wanna party and heal people i just wanna solo my way without much party. So lets say if im doing a solo play based on this build then i find that maxing holy burst is alright :)

Sharppolo said...

I guess I will have to look into the current patch before answering that question. I have been idled for a while. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post for all classes, with it's recommanded crest

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