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[Friendship Quest] I'm LINDSAY!

I'm LINDSAY! is a Friendship Quest obtained at Saint's Haven. After completing this quest, you will be able to give gifts to Tamer Lindsay (Saint's Haven).

P.S. When a friendship quest is unlocked, the respective NPC would have a "heart" appeared on top of it.

Unlock Condition:
Reach Lv. 32 and have at least 10 Fondness with Irine.

Saint's Haven

1. After talking to Tamer Lindsay (Saint's Haven), collect 10 Crude Onyx for Irine.

2. You can either collect it by running dungeons or simply purchase it in Marketplace. Once you bring Irine 10 Crude Onyx, she will give you a "Cultural Coordinator Perfume".

3. Return to Tamer Lindsay (Saint's Haven) to complete the quest.

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Anonymous said...

I have collected all the requirements. Iam more than 38. Have more than 10% friendship with Irene. And have 100% firendship with Lindsay. Still no Frienship quest. or Sadle quest. What could be the problem? Have they written something over since last patch?

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